#22 Isaiah Wright


Isaiah Wright

Born 1996

Borah High School (5A)

Graduation 2014








  170 lbs


I was born into a basketball family where my dad played at the D1 collegiate level.  This was something that I aspired to and I made it one of my goals that I would play at the next level as well.  Starting at an early age, my dad always encouraged me and my brother and sister to play with a passion and a competitiveness that kept us working harder than the “other” player.  He always said that there was someone, somewhere, who was working to be better than me.  This mindset instilled in me a desire to never settle for where I am, but to always look ahead to where I want to go. 

Basketball has shaped many aspects of my life as a young adult.  It has taught me how to be disciplined in the classroom, at home, and in life in general.  I have a good, strong focus because of what I have learned on the court.  It has also given me a dream to work towards which has kept me away from the common bad choices of kids my age.  I never settle for less than being the best and making sure that I am always taking care of business.  Basketball has taught me the importance of doing things over and over until they are perfect.  I find that in my school work I have the same drive to understand and achieve as I have on the court and I don’t give up until I am successful. 

As I enter my last two years of high school, I realize how valuable the bonds are that I have made with my coaches and teammates over the years.  I am so fortunate to be surrounded by people who are great role models and positive influences in my life.  I will try my best not to take any of what I have for granted and always work to be a better friend, player, teammate, student, and son.  The doors of opportunity have been opened for me and now it’s my job to go through them with full force.  As my favorite quote states, “Get Busy Livin’ or get busy Dyin”.  I’ve got a lot of living to do and I am ready. 


  • 2013 - Idaho Gatorade Player of the Year; 5A All Idaho Player of the Year; MVP – 5A Idaho State Tournament; 5A SIC Idaho State Champion; 5A SIC District Champion; 5A SIC Conference Champion; Varsity Team MVP; Varsity Team Offensive Player of the Year; Varsity Team Captain; 5A SIC KBOI Player of the Year
  • 2012 -Idaho State Champion; All State 1st Team;All Conference 1st Team; District Champion 5A; Conference Champion 5A; Varsity Team Defensive Player of the Year; MVP –IdahoStateTournament 5A; Varsity Team Captain
  • 2011 – All Conference Player of the Year – Honorable Mention;Varsity Team MVP,Varsity Team Defensive Player of the Year



  • 2009. 2010. 2011 Special Olympics Volunteer
  • 2009, 2010 Volunteer Rake Up Boise
  • Veteran’s Home Volunteer Chess Player
  • AVID
  • Upward Boise Flag Football Referee


  • 2.8 GPA
  • 2012 Senators Choice Award

Jeremy Dennis
Borah Assistant Varsity Basketball Coach
“Isaiah is the ultimate point guard, as he looks to get his teammates involved and run the offense. Isaiah makes everyone on the team better and what separates Isaiah from other point guards, is that he knows when he needs to score points and take over the game. Great player and an even better teammate.”
Cary CadaBorah Head Varsity Basketball Coach
Darren Corpus  
Head Football Coach
Health/Physical Education Teacher
Borah High School

“Isaiah is very gifted and works as hard at his game as any player I have coached. He is quick, smart, composed, confident, focused, is always a threat to score or assist and he takes great pride in being a tenacious defender. He is the only player in Borah history to be on the varsity team, and start, as a Freshman and certainly the most talented player at his age that I have ever coached. More interesting is the fact that I sincerely believe that Isaiah Wright is a better person than he is a basketball player. ”


“I have known Isaiah since the 4th grade.  His desire to be the best possible basketball player is incredible.  This includes being a considerate and kind individual.  For me the number one value a person can posses is being a good person and Isaiah meets that criteria.

 This last year Isaiah was in my weight lifting class.  He understands the importance of overall fitness to his life.  He has made fitness a priority to his lifestyle.  Isaiah has goals in his life and I think basketball is at the top of his list.  With his quality character and his desire to be the best basketball player, I think the future looks bright. 

 Just as side note, Isaiah is the best basketball player in the State of Idaho.  I believe his ego is completely in check to allow him to get even better!”


  • Isaiah Wright           208-409-4696             wrightisaiah22@yahoo.com         
  • Archie Wright          208-514-7275             archie.wright@boiseschools.org
  • Jodi Wright              208-409-3612             jodi.wright@boiseschools.org               
  • Coach Ed Boyce       208-859-5121             edboyce1@aol.com
  • Coach Cary Cada       208-854-4394           cary.cada@boiseschools.org



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